RACE for Humanity is a nonprofit organization focuses on raising awareness on humanitarian causes around the world. RACE is an acronym for Raise Awareness and Create Equity


Our Mission

To raise awareness, creatively and simply, about disregarded humanitarian causes around the globe.



A world where everyone cares about human wellbeing and strives for others' rights.  

“Awareness must be like the rays of the sun: extending everywhere, illuminating all.”
— B.K.S. Iyengar


  • To revive the humanitarian values in the community.
  • To spread justice, equity, and peace around the world.
  • To shed the light on overlooked humanitarian causes around the globe.
  • To represent the suffering people, to educate the world about them, and to call for their rights. 

our core values

Knowledge, awareness, equity, peace, justice, freedom, and responsibility.


our organizational standards

Creativity, simplicity, perfection, and professionalism. 

Awareness is the greatest agent for change
— Eckhart Tolle