Humanitarian Causes

We are currently working on the following three countries: Pakistan, Palestine, and Burma. We select our countries based on a fixed criteria that ensures the importance and priority, as well as, the diversity of the selected causes.   



Pakistan has been suffering from ethnic and domestic violence, war, and poverty.



Palestine is the only still occupied country, as defined by United Nations. Palestinians are continuously suffering from children detention and home demolitions. 



Burma (Myanmar) has been suffering from forced displacement and ethnic cleansing.

Humanitarian Situation - General Statistics 

This bar chart shows the duration of humanitarian causes in 17 countries that we found having severe or escalating humanitarian issues. The duration is calculated based on the start of the cause, such as occupation, civil war, military coup ...etc.


This bar chart shows the media coverage of the humanitarian situation in the same 17 countries. The media check is based on the mainstream Canadian media, and based on a random check of a 2 months period. If the situation is mentioned just once every week, i.e. 4 times/month, it is considered to be 100%. Because the search was not on one platform, then the average was taken among all media sources.


This bar chart shows the severity of the humanitarian situation in the same 17 countries. The unit is number of people getting affected by the humanitarian cause. Severity includes number of murdered or victims, casualties, forced displaced people internally and externally (out of the country), detained people, tortured people, and people under siege or blockade.